Here are a few photos of work we have undertaken, below is a rare Honda NSX, which had led a hard life but after a few weeks of stripping, repairing, preparing and repainting this car was like new again.

Here we have two of our recent Bike projects, first is a very rare Harley Davidson Sidecar, this we custom finished to match the owners colour scheme on his bike, all the shapes and pinstripes are masked by hand and each colour was painted separately, quite an unusual job this one!

These Honda parts had many different layers of paint & repair when they were brought to us, but after stripping all the various layers off we were able to start again from scratch, these parts were finished in the original colour which was a 4 stage pearl. 


This Toyota Supra was another car that came to us looking tired and in need of some TLC, the owner decided that he wanted it colour changed to a Dodge Viper Yellow, which as you can see resulted in a major strip down but the result was a complete success, the car looked like it had been painted that colour from new with all the door and tailgate shuts painted and no nuts, screws or rubber gromits masked up.

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